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Nick "the Waymanite" Sayers (updated)
From Nick's Facebook page:
"Yeah thanx guys, some of you know the full story, yeah well, can't say I didn't try to get a resolve. Basically I have had nothing against the church for 12 years and would have gone back if change happened, Haagenson has been caught out saying racist jokes, lied about it, lie about me, Trav and Wendy, and 1000 other things... he has done so much harm. He won't ever admit fault etc... So Al Vic, Trav Wen, Me, Kurtis, Stu Anne, Col Tracy are all leaving. Pretty sad. There will be about 15 left. Under Ronnie it was 70-80+ now 15. Just do the math!"
For now, at least, Nick the Waymanite Sayers, of Cracked Pots fame, has left his Potter's House church in Lismore.  He apparently left shouting out to the pastor that the lack of growth was the pastor's fault, not the church's. 

Nick's friend, Kev the Rev, posted on Cracked Pots, stating that he is disappointed in Nick's behaviour and is praying for Nick's repentance.

Nick has stated that he is just listening to recorded sermons and waiting for a change to take place.  Nick sounds confident that such a change is forthcoming, and seems to lean towards a pastoral change.  Nick has blamed the current pastor of his church for the shrinking of the Lismore Potter's House, stating that attendance has gone from as high as 80 people to recently as low as 25.  (Considering that the Lismore Potter's House is over 20 years old, neither figure is impressive.)

Nick has made it clear that he is not leaving the fellowship, but simply waiting for some changes to take place.  Perhaps he has an inside scoop as to what Waymanchrist and his leaders have planned for the Lismore church. 
Lismore Potter's House
The Lismore Potter's House is the latest Church to been detonated over the David Vicary saga. It appears that Greg Haagensen is fighting for his life to remain as the Churches pastor. While in the background a handful of members undermine his position and are asking for his removal.
Another Eternity Christian Church Opens
The Ipswich (Queensland) Potter's House is the latest to Church to a line with the David Vicary's re-branded Eternity Christian Church. The Grand Opening of the Ipswich Eternity Christian Church was on 15th Jan-09. Pastor Marius Crisan invited Phil Glossop (recently resigned Potter's House Pastor) as the guest speaker at the grand opening.
What Happened in the Beechboro Land Deal? - Click Here
Where is Brian Morris?
That's the question on every ones lips in the Potter's House Christian Fellowship of Australia. It appears that Morris has taken his relocation money to plant a new Potter's House church and flown the coop with the money!
1st Service for Eternity Christian Church
266 was official count, David Vicary spoke graciously, did not bad mouth The Potter's House or Wayman Mitchell at all.
More Pastors Resign Over David Vicary's Removal
Alan O'Donoghue and Phil Glossop have resigned and left The Potter's House Christian Fellowship of Australia in protest of Wayman Mitchell's unfair sacking of David Vicary.
Pastor resigns his Church from the Potter's House Christian Fellowship Ministries over the David Vicary saga
The church formally known as The Potter's House Christian Centre, Annerley, Queensland has closed and its Pastor formally resigned from The Potter's House Christian Fellowship of Australia in a letter of protest to Wayman Mitchell for the unfair sacking of David Vicary. Pastor John Pichugin and his wife Lorraine have removed themselves from the headship and leadership of Wayman Mitchell and The Potter's House Christian Fellowship of Australia and the church has been closed. It is reported that John and Lorraine have relocated to the Perth area to assist David Vicary in the launch of his new ministry "Eternity Christian Church" due to open on the 1st Feb-09
David Vicary resigns The Potter's House Christian Fellowship Ministries
Amid the recent turmoil of December-08 as David Vicary was sacked as the leader of the Australian Potter's House Christian Fellowship leader, he has now resigned from the Australian Potter's House Christian Fellowship and will start his own denomination with all the disaffected people from the Perth Potter's House. In an inaugural church service to be held on Sunday morning, 1st February 2009 at the YMCA Morley Sport and Recreation Centre, Cnr Wellington Road & Mangini Street, Morley, David Vicary announce his intentions and plans to form a new church.
December-08 / January-09
David Vicary sacked as leader of the Australian Potter's House Christian Fellowship - Click Here
Opening the Doors of Hell in India
The only problem is, Campbell White, the firm that Haywood works for, is not a multinational company at all. Or, if it is, itís certainly a very strange one. What Iíve managed to find out is that Campbell White is effectively a front for a far right Christian cult, and is far from the image being spun by Haywood and the media. This will take a little explaining, but itís well worth it. Click Here to read more.
Dead Pastor's Past Haunts Church
"That's not Christianity. We're definitely not a cult. We're free to come and go and do what we want" - Scott McGrath - Click Here to read more.
Pastor regretted 'cult' links
The widow of slain former Hamilton preacher Richard Watson says he had grown to regret his actions as the leader of an anti-gay Christian "cult" The Potter's House which was based in the city through the 1980s and 1990s. - Click Here to read more.
Murder Victim Was Anti-Gay Preacher
The man stabbed at a Perth party 12 days ago was an anti-gay former preacher at a Hamilton evangelical church.
Phillip Arthur Ranga, 35, of Ngaruawahia, is in custody charged with murdering 52-year-old Richard Andrew Watson at a party in the Perth suburb of Embleton on April 20. Ranga has made three court appearances and, through his lawyer Terry Dobson, said he plans to defend the charges. Click Here to read more.

Lankford Guilty Verdict: Reaction from Church Pastor
One of the pastors of the church that Kirk Lankford attended says he's not surprised by the verdict -- in fact he feels justice prevailed.
Pastor Don Taylor also gave us some insight into how Lankford's wife is doing. since she declined to do an interview. Click Here to read more

New Churches
Christchurch, NZ Andrew & Ruth Brown  (Strathpine, Qld)
Whakatane, NZ Michael & Glenda Collier (Rotorua, NZ)
Brisbane, Qld Marius & Lydia Crisan (Beechboro, WA)
Charlestown, NSW Peter & Fiona Edwards (Beechboro, WA)
Canning, WA Ross & Karen Barcham (Beechboro, WA)
Brisbane, Qld Tim & Belinda Hughes (Maylands, WA)
Toowoomba, Qld Steve & Robyn Scott (Townsville, Qld)
Sydney, NSW Scott & Anna Maclean (Bunbury, WA)

Pt Moresby, PNG Steve & Sharon Acres from Klemzig, SA
South Auckland, NZ Dean & Lisa Thompson from South Auckland, NZ
Kalgoorlie, WA Vergil & Lee Licero from Kalgoorlie, WA
Edwardstown, SA Andrew & Melissa Toft from Prospect, SA
Para Hills, SA Albert & Silvia Francesca from Edwardstown, SA
Newcastle, NS Peter & Adelina Staples from Chennai, India
Klemzig, SA Mike & Jan Butler from Port Moresby, PNG
Beechboro, WA (redirection) John & Janie Coutet from Noble Park, Vic
Beechboro, WA Glenn & Jessica Plummer Assisting Ministries

Rod & Tyanne Gibson Parramatta, NSW from South Auckland, NZ
Butch & Jay Lassey Beechboro, WA from Kalgoorlie, WA
Darren & Jill Gimm Beechboro, WA from Beechboro, WA

Harold Warner: Battling Cancer Second Time Around
For those who are unaware Harold Warner is battling cancer for the second time. Reports from the Tucson Potter's House indicate that the cancer has retuned as a tumour on one of his kidneys.
Long Standing Member of Walthamstow Potter's House Shown the Front Door
Recently a long standing member of the Walthamstow Potter's House CFC had the temerity to question Pastor Nigel Brown about the finances of the Church. Brown did not take these questions too well and recent reports confirm that the brother in question has since departed (asked to leave).
May-07 Hacked and Closed Down
Naboth (who runs the UK version of the Cracked Pots) must have really ticked off some important people!
Editorial by Ken Haining: I call this the attack of the hypocrites. The fellowship of Wayman O. would be the first to scream with a primal scream if anyone tried to take away their freedom of speech. But like all special interest groups, they believe in freedom of speech, and of the written word, only for themselves. While they will rail against ex members from their public pulpits, they will use the governmental system to shut down anyone who tries to expose them whenever they can. Scientology does the same thing. They cannot fight on a level playing field. The can't come on the internet and refute what we say about them because what we say is so obviously true. Why should a pastor care if someone exposes how much money he actually gets from the church if he is a good and honest man? I hope those who were assaulted by these religious lunatics over there in London will take legal action against them. The fellowship certainly has no problem using the system against people when they can. Time to turn the tables.
Shalom to those who expose "Christian Fellowship Ministries," so called.
Potter's House Bible Study Leader Arrested for Murder - Click Here
Jack Rokobuta Passed Away From Cancer
During his time in the Australian Potter's House he was involved in the "Fiji fiasco." Although he was in the Potter's House, we at the Cracked Pots sorrow at his death at a fairly early age. 
Andrew Purchase leaves the Potter's House Australian Fellowship
At that March-07 Conference Andrew announced that he and his family were leaving the Potter's House to the Fellowship Leaders. Andrew was shunned, mocked, disowned and collectively the entire Potter's House conference body turned their backs on the Andrew. Andrew and his family have now moved to North Queensland to take up and associate pastors position with an A.o.G. congregation.
Ross Hounslow's Court Appeal Dismissed
HOUNSLOW (Potters House, Bunbury, WA) v WOODWARD - BC200700433
Western Australian Supreme Court
Johnson J
SJA 1074 of 2005
24 March 2006, 9 February 2007

Johnson J.

[1] This is an appeal from the decision of a Magistrate at the Joondalup Magistrates Court on 22 June 2005 convicting the appellant of the offence of failing to give personal details when requested to do so, contrary to s16(6) of the Criminal Investigation (Identifying People) Act 2002 ("the Act"). Following conviction the appellant was fined $400 and a spent conviction order was made pursuant to s 45 of the Sentencing Act 1945.


[111] I have concluded that there is no merit in the matters raised on behalf of the appellant which are said to establish error on the part of the Magistrate, other than his conclusion with respect the burden of proof for establishing a defence of "reasonable excuse" under s 16(6) of the Act. However, in my view, this error did not result in a miscarriage of justice. I consider the appellant to have been properly convicted, and I would dismiss the appeal.


Appeal dismissed

Counsel for the appellant: Mr S W O'Sullivan
Counsel for the respondent: Mr T C Russell
Solicitors for the appellant: Young & Young
Solicitors for the respondent: State Solicitor's Office

From George to the current Potters House members:

Look where your money is going. This guy, one of your pastors, breaks the law deliberately and then goes through the courts defending himself, spending YOUR money in the process. Look all those legal professionals that he is funding with YOUR money: two solicitors plus two barristers. In
the Local Court, perhaps one day plus in the Supreme Court on two occasions.

Those guys don't charge $20 per hour, can assure you of that. Solicitor's fees are most likely in the order of $300 PER HOUR and barrister's fee is in the order of $2,000 PER DAY.

Ask your pastor how much money has his church contributed to the poor, both, within your church and in the community in general.

Uitenhage, South Africa Stephen and Kaye O'Donoghue (Beechboro)
North Chennai, India Peter and Adelina Staples (Busselton)

Sutherland, NSW Sean and Jessica Geaney (Darwin)
Strathfield, NSW Chris and Marzia Razmovski (Ramsgate)
Penrith, NSW Jay and Esther Hounslow (Beechboro)
Brisbane, Qld Brian and Joanne Morris (Beechboro)
Southport, Qld Stewart and Anne Bramich (Stratpine)
Mirrabooka, WA George and Mary Ouma (Victoria)

Beechboro, WA Daryl and Jillian Elliott
Busselton, WA Jeff and Bev Baker

South Chennai, India Paul and Annie Vincent
Nadi, Fiji Koli and Sala Raiwal
Kali Malang, Indonesia Ophar and Betty Sinambela
Strathpine, Qld Raynor and Natasha Gunton
Ndola, Zambia John and Belinda Janman
Henderson, New Zealand Ron and Kerry Chisholm
Ballarat, Vic Ben and Rajes Shenton
Thomastown, Vic Jad and Sydney Baroud
Manjimup, WA Nathan and Emily Seinemier
Beechboro, WA (Returning Missionaries) Craig and Helen Newton
Beechboro, WA (Assisting Ministries) Peter and Fiona Edwards
Beechboro, WA (Redirection) Alex and Robin Smilovitis
Beechboro, WA (Outreach Director) Marius and Lydia Crisan
Dandenong, Vic Mark and Cheryl Underwood
Geelong, Vic Paul and Trudy Battochio
Fairfield, NSW James and Donna Blair

The Return of Mike Mastin to Australia
Well... here is the latest! Mastin is taking over or joining a network of churches with in the AoG called "Imagine".

The "mother church" is in Burwood (Melbourne) and is a big as (if not bigger) the Perth PH. It has a network of 4 small churches through the out the Melbourne suburbs and country Victoria.

I can't see Mastin relocating to Australia to take over some small Christian discussion group in Smith St. Collingwood that meets in the back room of a community centre! No... my guess is he is taking over the Burwood church from Ps Melinda Dwight who has been there for many years and once again Mike Mastin will have his own fellowship (or Network).

I think he will try and draw in the local New Destiny boys (Russo & Letcher) and then move Australia wide to the ex PH pastors and there congregations and those that will leave Vicary's empire (when Mastin returns) and ultimately Wayman O's clutches

I think there will be a price to pay for all this... but who will be the one who gets the bill? Will it be Mastin as he rolls the dice and gambles on a win (I can just imagine what he has told the AoG and the promises he has made) or will it be Vicary who will be toppled in the midst of political activity as his empire shrinks and moves to Mastin and the AoG. Or will Vicary strike a deal with Mastin and they both shaft Mitchell in one foul swoop?
Albany (USA) pastor charged with hitting his son, 13
The pastor of Potterís House in Albany was in the Benton County jail this morning, charged with allegedly hitting his son.

The pastor, David Lee Fink, 47, is charged with second-degree assault and first-degree criminal mistreatment in connection with an incident Monday
afternoon with his 13-year-old son.

Bail was set at $55,000. His first court appearance was set for 1:20 p.m. this afternoon in Benton Circuit Court.

Police Capt. Eric Carter said Fink, who lives in North Albany, is alleged to have struck the child 10 times with a 16-inch-long wooden paddle wrapped in duct tape. The child was hit in the buttocks, thighs and arm.

After allegedly hitting the child, Fink went to the Potterís House at Second Avenue and Main Street, where police arrested him around 4:50 p.m.
Police found him there after another family member notified authorities.

The Return of Mike Mastin to Australia?
Recently it was rumoured that Mike Mastin was returning to Australia. In 2006 Mastin preached for various Assembly of God (AoG) churches on the East Coast of Australia and the possibility of him taking a (AoG) church at that time was raised. To read more  - Click Here
Extract from the Register of Charities in UK - Walthamstow

Extract from the Central Register of Charities maintained by the Charity Commission for England and Wales

The Potters House Christian Fellowship Walthamstow Charity Correspondent: Nigel Brown

Governing Document: Constitution Adopted On 12 December 1997

Objects (of the Charity):

A: The advancement of the Christian religion in accordance with the statement of beliefs set out in the first schedule and in particular in the London borough of Waltham Forest and at the discretion of the church council elsewhere in the United Kingdom or the world.

B: The relieve of poverty and sickness regardless of nationality, religious, political or other opinion in the said London borough and at the discretion of the church council elsewhere in the United Kingdom or the world. Area of Operation: Charity Operates in locations in England and Wales

Income and Expenditure in Pounds Sterling (Australian Dollar in Brackets)

Income 388,710
($962,103.54 AUD)
Expenditure 419,579
($1,038,540.64 AUD)

Income 463,342 ($1,146,956.93 AUD)
Expenditure 397,815
($984,712.67 AUD)

Income 584,702
($1,447,516.46 AUD)
Expenditure 483,476
($1,197,099.66 AUD)

Income 612,857
($1,517,080.40 AUD)
Expenditure 491,328
($1,216,244.70 AUD)

Income 740,173
($1,832,033.53 AUD)
Expenditure 613,059
($1,517,695.59 AUD)
Income 811,295
($2,008,230.93 AUD)
Expenditure 658,445
($1,629,908.63 AUD)

Daniel is Free!
From George Potkonyak
My youngest son, Daniel is out of the Potters House - except when he wants to go. Just came back from the Family Court with the above orders under the belt. From now on, Daniel, who just turned 14, will be spending 50% of time with me and 50% time with his mother - unless he, from time to time, or in the future, decides to do otherwise. Finally, Daniel has been recognised as a person in his own right!

In order to stop Walsh, or anyone else, interfering with Daniel's wishes the mother and I were ordered NOT TO harass, intimidate or coerce Daniel into attending or not attending any church.

I am quite pleased with the result, even though I would prefer and outright ban on Daniel's association with the Potters House. Nevertheless, considering that Daniel hasn't succumbed to Mr Walsh's brainwashing, I am quite content with the orders. I know that Walsh and his zombies will try to exert pressure on Daniel. If that happens I will have to resort to the AVO from the local court. It will be easy. There is already a precedent involving the Potters House.

So... Let's give Daniel a resounding welcome to the land of the living!!!

FYO, my oldest son Jacob, after a "rollercoaster ride" re the Potters House, is also out of it for good!!! He just turned 18.

Now, all you prayer warriors, have my daughter Esther in your prayers. Special thanks to my friend who sent me David Vicary's "sermon" on forced marriages in the fellowship. An incredibly valuable evidence in my battle for Esther!!! - and, perhaps, beyond that. There is a new law in Australia concerning the "arranged" (read "forced") marriages. A penalty of up to 25 years in jail for those proven to use psychological force in coercing them into marriage. Haven't studies the details yet.

Shalom to you all, this thirteenth day of July 2006!!!

Signing off, from Baulkham Hills, in the State of New South Wales, Australia, yours truly,

Changes at Wollongong (NSW)
Post March-06 Conference shuffle: Darryl Munckton (now ex Pastoral Assistant - Beechboro Perth) has taken over the Wollongong (NSW) Potter's House. There is no word about Aaron Henley-Martin the former pastor of Wollongong.
Hobart Mercury
A WOMAN who repeatedly breached a court restraining order by going back to the church which had thrown her out was sentenced yesterday to 56 hours of community service orders. Launceston magistrate Zygmunt Szramka told Ann Stevenson, 55, of Evandale, he could not understand her behaviour. Stevenson had admitted returning to her former church, the Potters House, and making telephone calls to family members of the Potters House pastor, Michael White. She had been thrown out of the church in January, 1996, and a restraining order was issued against her in the Launceston Magistrates Court last year.
Pastor Mike "Batman" White has been stood down from the Potter's House, Launceston, Tasmania
As is usual for most Potter's House pastors, when a couple left his church he set about slandering them. The mistake he made was that this couple moved to another state and continued attending a Potter's House church. When the questions got asked about the accuracy of what he was saying the lies were found.
Mossel Bay, Sth Africa ... out of Darwin: Peter and Kerri Fields

Honiara, Solomon Islands ... out of Beechboro: Ross and Alison Elford

Nadi, Fiji ... out of Beechboro: Jack and Ann-Marie Rokobuta

Onehunga, New Zealand ... out of Thomastown: Geoff and Miriam Stowers

Beechboro ... Evangelism: Mick and Debbie Listing

Beechboro ... Evangelism: Jeff and Bev Baker

Parramatta ... Evangelism: Alex and Clarissa Lorkin

Armadale ... out of Beechboro: Terry and Denise Sleight

Campbelltown, Sydney NSW ... out of Beechboro: Kevin and Karla Sims

Beechboro ... redirection ... out of Geelong: Craig and Janine Thomas

Geelong ... out of Footscray: Mark and Cheryl Underwood

Alice Springs ... out of Ramsgate, Sydney: Steve and Michelle Kennaway

Ramsgate ... merging Cronulla, Sydney: Chris and Skye Plummer

Fremantle ... out of Geraldton: Glen and Sandra Anderson

Melbourne ... out of Footscray: Jad and Sydney Baroud


Brisbane, Qld ... out of Beechboro: Leonell and Jody Leota

Brisbane, Qld ... out of Beechboro: Brock and Tammy Aberle

Tweed Heads/Coolangatta Qld ... out of Lismore: Travis and Wendy Fredericks

Liverpool, Sydney NSW ... out of Darwin: Nathan and Alisha Prosser

Maitland, NSW ... out of Newcastle: Gavin and Jody Spruce

Modbury, Adelaide SA ... out of Alice Springs: Ben and Sarah Clark

Mawson Lakes, Adelaide SA ... out of Prospect: Mark and Kelly Lassey

Boronia, Melb, Vic ... out of Footscray: Fritz and Claudia Helg

Esperance, WA ... out of Busselton: Justin and Clare Swannell


Port Elizabeth, South Africa ... Ross and Judy Hounslow (Beechboro)

Bangalore, India .... Vinod and Rosita Kumar (Footscray)


Scotland ... Ron and Kerry Chisholm (Busselton)

Blantyre, Malawi ... Wayne and Sue Norford (Alice Springs)


Edwardstown, (Adelaide, Sth Aust) ... out of Prospect, SA, Albert and Silvia Francesca

Caboolture (Brisbane) ... out of Strathpine, QLD, Andrew and Ruth Brown

Toombul (Brisbane) ... out of Strathpine, QLD, Chris and Tweet Dodd

Willetton, (Perth) ... out of Beechboro, WA, Kevin and Karla Sims

Nth Jakarta ... out of Pulomas, Jakarta, Opar and Betty Sinambela

Evangelism ... out of Beechboro, WA, Ross and Karen Barcham

Evangelism ... Terry and Denise Sleight (Beechboro)


Albury/ Wodonga, NSW ... out of Alice Springs, John and Robin Goodwin

Bunbury, WA ... Brian and Angie Roennfeldt (Beechboro)

Perth City, WA ... out of Beechboro, Trevor and Priscilla Fong

Norwood, SA ... out of Alice Springs, Steve and Sharon Acres

Lismore, NSW ... Greg and Debbie Haagensen (Geraldton)

Cronulla, NSW ... Chris and Skye Plummer (Beechboro)

Maylands, WA ... out of Beechboro, Steve and Silvia Zapata
CFM Biographer Permanently Banned From Preaching!
We have confirmed from multiple sources that Wayman Mitchell has permanently banned Ian Wilson from preaching in any CFM churches worldwide.
Until recently, Wilson had been suspended from preaching for six months by Mitchell and the Board of Elders from charges of public disagreement. Wilson had been very vocal in defending Marty Carnegie and disagreeing with Mitchell's actions in the way he handled that incident in 2003. Wilson's dissent was viewed by Mitchell as insubordination and rebellion to headship, thus he was suspended from preaching in July 2004.
Mitchell had come to the recent decision to permanently banned Wilson based upon his unwillingness to submit to his current demands before he could be reinstated to preach. One of Mitchell's preposterous requirements was that Wilson would have to uproot his family from Canada and move to Prescott to prove his loyalty and submission to leadership. Wilson rebuffed Mitchell's daft demands and received the consequences of his seditious actions.
Wilson who served CFM as a evangelist, was also an author who wrote three books for the fellowship - Unto The Ends of the Earth, In Pursuit of Destiny, and Mitchell and His Men. The books were sold throughout CFM attempting to clarify Mitchell's vision and revised CFM's unflattering history.
CFM Missionary Pastor Defrocked!
Eric Wright who pastored the CFM church in Soweto, South Africa was defrocked for alleged moral and financial violations. CFM’s area leadership in South Africa investigated the evidence of misappropriated funds for personal benefit and moral indiscretions with female church members.
Unfortunately, this is the same congregation that was formerly pastored by David Drum – two pastors removed in less than two year’s time.
At this time, Wright has been sent back to Prescott, Arizona for redirection.
CFM Evangelist Preaches Revival In The Midst of Divorce Proceedings!
We have confirmed from our sources that Wayman Mitchell and Paul Stephens have once again made a poor choice in their handling of the ministry. They have consistently chosen for the preservation of CFM rather for the restoration of people. Such is the case of CFM evangelist, David Drum. Drum had recently become an evangelist after being a missionary in Soweto, South Africa, out of the El Paso church pastored by Paul Stephens. Having marriage problems during their ministerial appointments, known by Stephens, Mitchell and Scott Lamb these issues have now manifested in both husband and wife during their ministry years. Nevertheless, the couple did not receive competent, spiritual and marital help from qualified professionals in their time of great need.
Now, after years of spiritual malpractice by CFM leadership, another marriage is dissolving.
On October 12th, 2004, Drum filed for divorce, before a confrontation with his wife in Paul Stephen’s office later on that day. The office meeting was a disaster, which led to the couple to separate. Mitchell was contacted letting him know Drum’s marital situation and wanted counsel if he should still conduct meetings. Astonishingly, Mitchell gave Drum permission to continue ministering, and he preached a revival October 15th –20th in Safford, Arizona, despite being in the midst of divorce proceedings!
Sadly, we are seeing another CFM tragedy unfolding before our eyes.
Pastor Charged Over Shop Carolling Incident - Click Here
Pastor Charged in Shopping Centre Carols Stoush - Click Here
The Latest From The Rumor Mill
1. The Beechboro church has had a new face-lift with new carpets and a new paint job. The only problem is that most of the congregation don't like the dark blue carpets and black curtains (behind the stage area) with the exposed beams also painted black. Rumor has it that a few people were complaining to Pastor Vicary saying there church looks to day Pastor Vicary announced on stage that people should keep there comments to them selves as his wife and a decorator planned this carefully...(more likely it was just Christine as well all know what she wants she gets).
2. Rumor has it also that Pastor Vicary sermons in the last couple of weeks have been aimed at certain church members from self-indulgence to mammon. A good couple in church just recently bought a very expense car and few weeks later Pastor Vicary illustrated in a sermon about how people today are falling into the spirit of self mammon by buying expenses cars and etc etc....(but its ok for him to drive brand new rav 4 and dine out for dinner nearly ever night with his family and to have free dental and medical cover and Christine always goes away with him when he preaches every time...and of course all paid by church funds...
3. Also rumor has it from a former British pastor now living in Perth, that in a few months theirs going to be a big break away from some Australian and British pastors just like a couple years ago….
4. And last rumor…. Pastor Vicary has also told his congregation that his wife cant be friends to everyone in church so don't hassle her or get upset if she and her family cant come to your place for dinner… (looks like the purple circle is back).
What the CFM pastors are doing while the rest of you are work
Full-time CFM pastors can dictate how you should work your job and then spend every other waking hour doing work for the church but the fact is, they go to morning prayer and then go home and rest and sometimes take nap. They preach three times a week and stay home all day during the week. The goal of every CFM pastor is to go "full time." I wonder why?
Next time you exhausted disciples feel like you can't do one more thing and are on the verge of physical collapse, think about your leaders relaxing at the local coffee store and chatting with their friends. It will do you a world of good.
Greg Mitchell Returns to Prescott
In keeping with his promise of more changes coming to CFM, Wayman Mitchell has announced this past Sunday morning that his son, Greg Mitchell, is leaving South Africa and coming to assist in the Prescott church. Questions are swirling around in Prescott why Mitchell is making these changes now when the Winter Bible Conference is only about 10 weeks away, when traditionally announcements and appointments like these are made. We will keep you updated as more information becomes available.
Update - The CFM cannot be founded here in Flagstaff Arizona (USA).
Well my jubilation was pre-mature.  The Door is still here just at a new location.  So, what is it-- 4 pastors and now 6 "new" locatons (grand openings)...  But last I checked thay had only less than ten people-- and that is for ten years.
The CFM cannot be founded here in Flagstaff Arizona (USA).
10 years, 1 month and 2 weeks, 4 "pastors, and 5 rental storefronts later-- it seems that Mitch has finally seen the light and come to therealization that his stinking rotten cult (Flagstaff Christian Fellowship [INC] "A Fellowship where Jesus is still working) cannot befounded here in Flagstaff.

Over ten years of spiritual waste. Lives not saved but wasted. Inoculated against the Gospel.  They never had a congregation greater than a dozen, usually 5 to 10 persons. And these people lasted usually less than a year.  The "burn out rate" was high and all the people that they went in and out, worse than they were before they went in.

A "church" that lives by the law dies by the law... And when at their inception in 1994 they sued me and 5 of my friends for picket protests they aborted themselves.
And we (those that they sued, the founders of Life After Potter's House) were waiting for them to get large enough to picket again, but they died on their own-- without any pickets from us.

"We will see who is standing when the dust clears"  David Diver said in 1994 to Kenneth Haywood, the first "pastor" of Flagstaff Christian Fellowship [INC].  And Mr. Haywood had the audacity to launch a lawsuit sponsored by Wayman (greater than Moses) against us for that statement and other ones that he fabricated and attributed to us.
Well ? Who is standing ?
The Lord Jesus works in mysterious ways.
But we will be keeping our eyes and ears open should this demonically inspired "fellowship" raise its ugly head again here in Flagstaff. Sometimes such devils have seven heads.

BTW Wayman O. Mitchell-- If you are such a "great man o'god" and "greater than Moses"-- how about if YOU come to Flagstaff and pioneer one of your "works" ?  Instead you send lackys out to do your dirty   "work" and when they fail you call them back for "redirection."   How about if YOU redirect YOURSELF and come out and do a "pioneer" work here in Flagstaff.  Rent a house, get a low wage job, spend a year or two, and I will bet the Lord will send you back to Prescott for your own "redirection."
The Truth will be told...
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News from the Fiji Potter's House
"There were about 10 cell groups when I was at Potters House [in Fiji] with the leadership of Pastor John Brown. When Pastor Brown left for Australia, Pastor Perry took over. When he took over 6 of the leaders left Potters House. 3 of the leaders have backslidden, 3 leaders are continuing in other churches, scores of young youths have left the church. From a packed building under Pastor Brown, Potters house was reduced to almost a quarter under pastor Perry." (name submitted)
Editorial Comments by: George Potkonyak
The above is a testimony of the "selection process" that is taking place in the fellowship. The anointed ones, those that refuse to bow to man and lie, are leaving while the spiritual and moral cripples are being promoted. One doesn't need to be Einstein to see where the fellowship is heading to. No wonder Mitchell's latest "pattern" is that one doesn't have to hear from God in order to take up a ministry in his kingdom. Nobody in his right mind, who really hears from God, would volunteer to be a zombie.
The Court Decision on Russo vs. Tilli Case
The case is over and Russo won but the catch is that even though Russo won the right on the money (for unfair dismissal) that the fellowship owes him.... he can't get it since the Footscray Potters House (Melbourne) is not an incorporated body.
The Official & Unofficial Conference News from the Potter's House Website
Western Australia
Joondalup .....Chris and Christine Mearns
Leederville.....John and Karen Kotis
Midland.........Bob and Megan Matthews
Mandurah......Jeff and Carlene Haagenson
Rockingham...Graeme and Tammy Donavan
Brunswick.....Gino and Liz Marinars
Croydon.......John and Jenny Coutet
St Albans......David and Cathy Curwin-Walker
New South Wales
Hornsby....Alex and Cherise McCann
Penrith......James and Donna Blair
Other Anounncments not on the Perth Website
Returning from Mozambique ........ Jad and Sydney Baroud
Into Mozambique ........... Simon & Kim Tutera
Into Preston (Melbourne, Victoria) ........... Bruce "laces" & Mandy Wheatley
Rockhampton Potter's House Closed Down
Reliable sources have confirmed that David Vicary has closed down the Rockhampton (Queensland) Potter's House because of stagnating numbers. The church had been "in business" for 14 years and had approximately 20 members.
Is Perth Splitting from the CFM?
Rumours have been rife for the last 12 months that David Vicary is about to pull the Perth Potter's House Church from the CFM. - Click Here
Church Takes Landlord to Task - Fiji

By Imran Ali
A complaint has been lodged against the Public Employees Union for forcefully entering a church after the pastor failed to open the door for repair works to be carried out. Potters House Christian Church pastor John Perry lodged a complaint at the Central Police Station against union general secretary Mereseini Rakai and her officials on Monday night. The church rents the top floor of the PEU building at Edinburgh Drive in Suva. Mr. Perry said Ms. Rakai had demanded that they church open the building for union workers to carry out repair works at about 4:30 pm on Monday. He said when he refused to leave the premises open at such short notice, she threatened that union employees would cut the lock on the front entrance of the building to gain access. He said when he arrived at 9:30 pm, he discovered the front entrance cut and two large windows by the roadside removed. "We are more than happy to accommodate the upgrading of the premises," Mr. Perry said. "But to have the union demand access at a moments notice and for them to then take the liberty of breaking into the building without our permission is totally unacceptable," he said. But Ms. Rakai said that as landlord, they had the right to enter the top floor to carry out renovation work as contained in the tenancy agreement. "We rang him yesterday afternoon (Monday) to open the door to enable our carpenters to enter the top floor which they are renting to remove the old windows and fit in the new ones which he refused," she said. "Several attempts were made whereby we have to visit his home for him to open the door but he continued to refuse."
Ms.Raikai said that in April, the union gave the church notice to vacate, as they owed $30,800 in rental arrears.  The crime officer at CPS confirmed receiving a report that investigations were under way.

November -03
Old News Story on Footscray Potter's House (Vic) Resurfaces - Click here
Another CFM Pastor Defrocked!
October 20th, 2003 - Keith Nicely has been forced to resigned as pastor of the Guam church over the revelation of his alleged viewing of Internet pornography. Wayman O. Mitchell, President and CEO of Christian Fellowship Churches, Inc. flew to Guam, and personally made the announcement of Nicely's resignation at this past Wednesday night's service. Church members were shocked and sadden by the divulgence of the pastor's moral failure.

Keith Nicely had been pastoring the Guam church for about 16 years and had been conference speaker at the Prescott Bible Conferences every year since 1994. Mitchell has arranged for Glen Cluck to come to Guam to minister to the wounded sheep and there is speculation that he might take over the Guam church, but we have not confirmed that as of this date.. Reportedly, the Nicely's are preparing to go back to Prescott for redirection and spiritual restoration.
CFM Pastor Defrocked!
Friday 26th September, 2003 - Steve Brazell a.k.a. Troothsayer, was removed from pastoring the church, The Door of Glendale, Arizona last night. Details and evidence surrounding his removal from the pulpit, stem from the abundance of documentation proving moral violations involving his use of the Internet, e-mail and telephone were presented to Wayman O. Mitchell, President and CEO of Christian Fellowship Churches, Inc. Evidence sent to the_slammos, concur that his removal from the ministry is justified. Brazell approached women on the Slam The Door - Yahoo Groups message board making unwanted advances via private e-mail.

Brazell has reportedly made some private confession of repentance and is going to re-submit himself to CFM's "headship" for correction and redirection. In a statement to the_slammos, Connie Stubbs expressed her remorse and asked for forgiveness again for her role in the matter. As more information becomes available, we will keep you updated.
Charisma News Service: CFM Causes Turmoil in a Foursquare Church!
Cracked Pots Shut Down!
It would appears that the CFM has had its feathers ruffled over and article on Wayman Mitchell and his "sexually active minions" (now withdrawn from the site) which has drawn complains by the Potter's House CMF to Geocities and Yahoo. Thanks "Howard the Coward" for your gutless attempts to suppress the truth, but we will live on to expose the hypocrisy and lies of the CFM!
"Dogs & Perverts"???
If has been brought to our attention, that the "Dogs & Perverts" report, though verified, seems to be untrue. Apparently no evidence of this appears on the Monday night tape, and it may just be a lurkers ploy to discredit "the cracked pots". We make every attempt to verify all reports made to us prior posting. We apologise to you the reader and have remove this new report from our website until further notice.
Vicary "Blasted" at Recent Prescott Winter Conference
Reports have come back from the Winter 2003 Prescott Conference (albeit late) that David Vicary was "blasted" and severely mocked by Ray Ruby from the pulpit. Vicary preached his conference sermon on "being led by the Spirit" and "not relying on pattern". Ray Rubi (one of Wayman Mitchell's well known "Whips") announced to the conference body that "he doesn't trust anyone who says they are led by the Spirit..." It is common knowledge through out the US (CFM) fellowship (and now in the  Australian Potter's House) that Mitchell doesn't approve of Vicary being the Australian leader.
Perth Conference Announcements (from the spy)
Thursday Night
India - Peter and Adelina Staples.
South Africa - Neil & Anne Maria McCann.
African work into Botswana (didn't catch the name).
Peter & Kerrie Fields redirected from South Africa to Darwin Church.
Friday Night
Tom Billington (from Albury NSW)- Townsville, Queensland (Taking over from Bill & Suzy McIntosh - redirected to Darwin Church).
Daniel & Paulina Anderson (from Footscray Vic) - Frankston, Victoria.
New Couple (didn't catch the name) from Thomastown Vic to take over Albury NSW.
New Couple (didn't catch the name) from Parramatta NSW to take over the Staples Church.
New Couple (didn't catch the name) from Launceston Tasmania into Hobart Tasmania.
David Vicary announced that he will not be taking on a new assistant but will have Alan O'Donghue fill in while he is away.
An out of conference announcement is that Mark & Cheryl Underwood (now ex. Macau) are being redirected into Footscray. One rumour has Mark Underwood as Anthony Tilli's assistant. Why does Tilli need an assistant and Vicary doesn't?
Another Open Letter from Rudy van Dierman
Exposing the Pastor's Contract - Click here
CFM on the "Farside"
Wacky pictures from someone with to much time on their hands! Click here
Greg Mitchell Grows "Weed"! Click here
"New Destiny" - Mini Conference Amsterdam Holland!
Rudy van Diermen, Ferry Entong, Chris Alarm and Dale Reece are coming together for a Mini conference in Amsterdam Holland. Starting 6th of March until the 9th of March 2003. Click here to see the brochure.
Open letter to the Dutch Pastors - Rudy van Dierman
It looks like Rudy is responding the the situation in Surimane. Click here to read the letter
More Churches Break Away From The Potter's House / CFM
The Church in Suriname, Paramaribo has left the CFM and has taken 3 baby churches. Click here to read the letter of resignation. Suriname (formerly Dutch Guyana) is a small Republic on the North-East coast of South America. Nearly all the churches there have been planted out of the Dutch Fellowship under Rudy van Dierman.
Dale "New Destiny" Reece to preach and hold meeting in the Netherlands
Dale Reece from South Africa - Capetown is preaching and holding meetings  for Chris Alarm in the Netherlands Mid April 2003. Chris Alarm and his Church (including several other in the Netherlands) recently pull out of the CFM / Potter's House. Chris is also one of Rudy van Dierman's disciples. Exciting times we live in, isn't,t it..??
Rudy van Dierman to attend "New Destiny" Yuma Arizona Conference 2003
Reports are coming out of South Africa that Rudy, his wife and several of his close friends will be attending the Yuma Arizona Conference of Bill Coolidge in March 2003.
Jon Spurgeon's resignation letter - Click Here
Dale Reece preaching Revival meetings in Pretoria
It did not take long for Rudy van Diermen to live up to his words and make contact with old friends that had left the Potter's House / CFM. Rudy has booked Dale Reece to preach in the Pretoria Church. It was Reece that left the CFM (with his Church in South Africa) some years ago now and renamed his Church and Fellowship "New Destiny". In recent times many of the Pastors and Churches that have left the CFM are also calling their Churches "New Destiny". It has been prophesied that it will be "New Destiny" that will rise out of the ashes of the CFM waste land. New Destiny Churches have been established in South Africa, Australia, Europe and the USA.
Update: Wemberly has a new look!
New name, new look! Check it out it's pumping!
More Churches leave in The Netherlands
News from "klm008" informs us that as well as the 5 Churches leaving the Dutch CFM (Ferry Entong and his 4 baby churches), Last week Chris Alarm of Utrecht has pulled his whole Church as well in the wake of the Rudy van Diermen / Dutch Fellowship saga.
Update: It's War in Wembley (England) "The gloves come off." "The tactic, In war there are no rules".
That's the kind of language that is being used in the battle for the Wembley Church. With John Spurgeon and 4 of his church plants (baby churches) removing themselves from the Potter's House (CFM) in a clandestine manner (during the 2003 Prescott Winter Conference when all leadership was out of the country). It is reported that Wayman Mitchell at the conference ordered David Vicary and Nigel Brown to "deal with it". It was Nigel Brown who flew back immediately and David Vicary dealt with the situation by remote control - over the phone. The way that Brown and Co. "dealt with it" was to plant another church no more than 50 metres down the road - they hired a community hall declaring that "this is the genuine Wembley Church" and to think that you might be in the "Twilight Zone" they meet at exactly the same times. The comments from the new or "genuine" parishioners (mainly blow-ins from the Walthamstow Church) is that "these people need to be rescued, that is why we opened the church up the road". In other words if some folk want to remain with the Potter's House (CFM) then they won't be inconvenienced - it's only 50 metres up the road! Many are saying it is more sinister than that, "the new church is there to cause trouble of course". Already ex-members are being sent text messages on their mobile phones asking if they "...realise their pastor (John Spurgeon) has lost the plot and God". Other messages are along the lines of "...just get yourself back to the New Wembley Church and save yourself from disaster by remaining in a rouge church". We can all just see the image now, of Wayman Mitchell in his black cape and Darth Vadar mask standing over John Spurgeon, saying... "Where is the location of your rebel churches, Spurgeon?"

With all jocularity aside this is a huge blow to the UK "Fellowship", which has not been effected by splits / schisms in the same manner as the "Fellowships" in the US or Australia. When John Spurgeon arrived in the England 8 years ago the "Fellowship" was small and mainly comprised of Aussie Pastors of British heritage with one or two Yanks and a handful of planted Churches - mainly out of Walthamstow and Norwich. Spurgeon not having a clear direction on arrival in London attended the Walthamstow Church (the largest and only conference church in the UK). The then Pastor (Peter Bayman) had a group of people from Wembley coming across Greater London to the Walthamstow Church from a home bible study. It was not long before a satellite church was planted and the church limped on for sometime. Over the time of that faithful conference 8 years ago the Pastor of the Wembley church asked to be redirected and the small group of people (who where still meeting as a bible study for all that time), got John Spurgeon as their new Pastor. Within weeks Spurgeon moved them into a Church building and began outreaching the Black communities and market places in the area. It was not long before he saw exceptional results and growth. Besides Walthamstow this growth made Wembley one of the biggest churches in the UK and gave Spurgeon a platform to minister in conferences and as a guest speaker around the CFM world. So the reader will note; this is no small fish that has jumped off the (CFM) hook, Spurgeon was a CFM "poster boy", leader and heavy weight speaker in the Australian / UK "Fellowship" and the great thing is that he was booked as a main speaker at the Perth conference in March 2003 - Thursday night; missionary slot (and the brochures are printed and out there)! Oh! No.

Another Two Letters from Rudy Van Diermen
1. Click Here  An letter to the CFM Board to resolve the conflict
2. Click Here An open letter to the CFM after being removed
Again both letter give a great insight into the inner sanctum and machinations of the Potter's House machine.
A Pre-Prescott Conference Surprise - More Churches Breakaway From The Potter's House!
 We have just confirmed that Pastor John Spurgeon of Wembley, England has pulled his church and four of his baby churches from Christian Fellowship Ministries. He and the four other pastors were expected to meet up at the airport with the other CFM pastors who were on their way to attend this week's biannual Winter CFM Bible conference in Prescott, Arizona for 2003. They were no-shows at the airport! When they inquired the whereabouts of Pastor Spurgeon and his men, the word got back to the jilted CFM pastors that their brethren had already flown the coup.

Spurgeon, who is a  descendent of the famous and honoured preacher, Charles H. Spurgeon, is originally from Perth, Australia. He came to England about 8 years ago after being a part of Pastor David Vicary's church in Perth. When Wayman Mitchell heard of this breakaway, he immediately sent the European area leader Nigel Brown back on a flight to England, along with David Vicary in an attempt to reclaim the breakaway churches. This developing story is rocking the CFM Bible conference's Attendees at this moment.

       How many more churches? How many more pastors? Who will be next? Stay tuned...

Rudy Van Diermen Letter - Click Here
It's a mammoth letter which rambles on a bit but give a great insight into the inner sanctum and machinations of the Potter's House machine.
Long-time members of the Footscray Church Leave
1. Read letter to Anthony Tilli (Pastor) -  Click Here
2. Read letter to Anthony Tilli (Pastor) -  Click Here


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