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October 4, 2000
To all Pastors, Evangelists & Missionaries
Dear Friends,
On September 1, 2000 Pastor Mitchell and the Board of Elders met with Pastor Bill Coolidge and 10 Pastors from the Door, Yuma for 5 hours in Chandler Arizona. The purpose was to attempt to resolve a long standing and disruptive attitude of isolation and abuse coming from Pastor Coolidge that had affected our Fellowship.
The result of this meeting was a unanimous request by the Board of Elders for Pastor Coolidge to resign the pastorate of the Yuma Door, as he has unfit himself from that position. A very generous offer was made by the Board to support him at his present salary etc. for 6 months, after which he would be given full support to Pioneer another church. He refused this offer, stating later that he was insulted by this offer.
Pastor Coolidge immediately returned to Yuma and announced that the Fellowship had thrown the Yuma church out of the Fellowship. This was blatantly untrue. Nearly the Yuma congregation refused to follow his rebellion as well as some 35 of the Yuma Pastors. They remained in Fellowship under the name, Yuma Potter’s House. Pastor Kevin Foley has taken the pastorate of the Potter’s House, Yuma and we are thankful this church and conference will continue as it has in the past. Some 24 Pastor’s announced loyalty to Pastor Coolidge.
Some of the Yuma churches have already announced they are leaving the Fellowship in the misinformation and deliberate deception resulting form Pastor Coolidge’s actions. We trust the remaining Pastors will see by now the issue is clearly rebellion against headship and continue to align themselves with their Mother Church, The Potter’s House, Yuma under Pastor Foley’s leadership. Those who do not we will conclude have removed themselves from the Fellowship and the blessing in ministry, identity and access that brings.
It is a sad note when a Pastor of a Fellowship whose very heart beat for 30 years has been “Pioneering”, considers an opportunity to Pioneer, with all the dignity that bears, to be an “insult”. May God restore us to eh vision that brought the Yuma church and all the rest of our churches into being. You should call any of the Board of Elders if you need clarification and the truth about the Sept. 1st meeting.
                                                                        Pastor Wayman O. Mitchell
Copied 10-6-00